Adding Browse UI to BT'06 WSS adapter

Quote Adding Browse UI to BT'06 WSS adapter The WssAdapterBrowseUI.dll modifies the default WSS Adapter UI so that instead of typing the names and URLs of SharePoint document libraries, lists, or columns you will be presented with a list view/tree view from where you can select the appropriate …

Planning to develop Windows Vista apps?

Quote Making Your Application a Windows Vista Application: The Top Ten Things to Do Back in December 2005 Microsoft created a series on the top ten things to do to make your Applications a Vista Application. The original article can be seen here! Since then there has been additional articles with the latest one being released this …

Some WinFX

Few posts in MSDN caught my attention (of course through other blogs): Simple Human Workflow with Windows Workflow Foundation The North Face In-Store Explorer Proof-of-Concept: A White Paper

Windows Live Ideas – main page

Ok, it’s still beta and sometimes - it does not works as expected. But there is a bunch of a good stuff: Live mail Live Messenger Live Toolbar Live mail - mobile even Office live These are things worth trying out. Just an example: Live toolbar contains an addon named Onfolio. I’d say it is sort of a feed reader I was looking for. Quote Windows Live Ideas – pagrindinis puslapis