Is Vista really a "Wow"?

Ok, I am running a Vista for a while. And just bought a Vista for my home PC, which is usually used by my wife. If someone asks me if I like it, my answer is yes I do. I am running Toshiba M4 laptop with 2Gig RAM, fast 80 Gig disk with nVidia Quadro NVS 110M video card. My personal experience is that Vista runs a bit faster under the same conditions.


Now, good news - the ASP.Net AJAX has been released. It is a really cool thing if you’re developing a bit more interactive web applications. There are two things to note: ASP.NET AJAX ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit On the toolkit page you can really see what the thing is capable for .

Some BizTalk experience

As I am finalizing one BizTalk related project, I will post some stuff that I have faced during the run. There were some issues, performance configuration and tracing stuff, etc. I think I will be able to put this info into the blog during this/next week.

Comments on BizTalk operations

If you have some ideas how to make operations documentation better, more informative, useful, take a look at this page:

BizTalk samples

I should have posted it some time ago, but … It’s better now than never. There are a couple BizTalk samples available here on MSDN. Nice thing is that the samples are quite simple and cover various scenarios. I liked the Console Adapter (b.t.w. code base by Jon Flanders) and some others. They are good to look at.

Visual Studio 2005 SP1

Finally, it is released and available at As it looks like, not all of the bad stuff got fixed in this SP release, but apparently - development will get a bit more easier. Also, you can see that there is a link over to the beta of Visual Studio update for Windows Vista. Though, at least for now, this link points to nowhere (“The download you requested is unavailable”), but I’m waiting for it as I am using Visual Studio on Vista already for a while.

IE7 for Windows XP SP2 released

Now, I’m posting this message with the release version of the IE7. So far, haven’t spotted visible changes since the last RC and so far works fine. If you want, you can grab it here: Download is pretty small for ~15MB.

70-235 - Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions using Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006

Finally found some time to pass the 70-235 exam. I found the exam quite easy and I think anyone who is using BizTalk a little more than basic features would pass this exam. As for the questions, most of the questions were related to the new BizTalk 2006 features and covered almost all functionality: solution design, deployment, diagnostics and debugging, BAM, BRE. There were a lot of questions about the tools that are available for the BizTalk developers and administrators.