Operations Manager – installing SCOM 2007 R2 Reporting

While continuing to play with SCOM 2007 R2 on the MOC environment, I moved to install SCOM Reporting Services on the SQL box. I’ve previously configured SSRS itself without any issues – all points were green. Still, just after specifying SSRS instance, but before setting Data Warehouse (DW) Write Account – wizard was failing, complaining about not being to setup SSL/TLS connection. The problem with that one was that I didn’t had any SSL setup on the web server, which was totally confusing.

Operations Manager – Cannot generate SSPI context

Lately, I was playing with Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 R2 (OpsMgr). I have used MOC environment as a playground, which means that I’ve installed SCOM database on the SQL machine and SCOM RMS on the separate machine myself. Not a big deal to click through with “Next” through the setup. Now, the things went completelly wrong. Even though initially the console seemed to be working, after some time it just stopped – froze, couldn’t reconnect.

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Stuff to read [3]

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Linksys (or Cisco)–how about fixing sites?

Ok, recently I upgraded my home DSL (10Mbit at best) connection to FTTH. Yes, I’ve joined the leading army of Lithuanian FTTH users and I have fiber cable in my room. I must say 100Mbit (40Mbit abroad) – that’s something I love. I have to mention that I’m planning to upgrade to 200Mbit service this year, because 2x increase in speed will increase spending only by 25% and will be something ~29Eur/month, which is fairly reasonable for me.

Security: smartphone as a credit card replacement

I’ve been reading lately in local and international (also here) press about replacing credit and debit cards with the smartphones. On one hand idea seems to be very attractive, however this means that the security on the mobile devices will have to be tightened much more than it is today. Today many people do not care much about the features, software and settings on the mobile phones, which leaves them vulnerable in one or another way.

Live vs. Google for small businesses

Yes, “I am trying to be a good Microsoft citizen” and you can say that I’m biased and this is yet another marketing campaign, however it is not. If you ask me, my personal opinion in the area of e-mail, documents and sharing information will be simple: Live rocks & Google … lets say is not that good . This started, when one of my friends (he’s an IT guy, who supports small businesses) said that he moved someone’s mail to google, because: it is available, free and is accessible via web.

Customer service: Bite vs. Omnitel

[Translation of the previous blog post] Because I’m an owner of Amazon Kindle, actually I have both – Kindle 2 and Kindle DX, I was curious why we don’t have 3G on Kindle. The same question was raised by my colleagues, friends, which have or plan to buy Kindle. Strange indeed, when mobile penetration in Lithuania is ~150%, which means ~1.5 mobile phone per person, and we are FTTH leaders worldwide – cannot receive simple service.

Kindle Wireles 3G in Lithuania

I bought Kindle DX and Kindle 2 February this year (2010). The only way I could purchase and download the books, was to do it through computer. Though it was OK, still it was suboptimal. Last week I’ve requested some information from our local GSM operators regarding the situation with Amazon.com & Kindle 3G (see special blog post). This week some strange things started to happen: First, a friend of mine reported that @AmazonKindle claims that 3G is working in Lithuania In fact, if you go now (2010.