Tool list

I have added new list of tools that are quite nice/useful/must be on a developers desk. Some of the tools I am not using, but still under certain circumstances I would choose to use them for their purpose. So far, I promise to add some more links to useful tools these days, so keep checking out. And don’t forget to check the list of tools from Scott.

Some new things lately

Ok, some time ago I have posted the item from Microsoft Word 2007 (beta of course), but this post is written using a free tool, called “Windows Live Writer”. Important thing - it is free and you can get it from here. It looks pretty cool and I hope that it will work … well, it’s still beta. Another thing I’ve seen lately in the blog posts - the InstallPad, software that helps to install things. preview

Ok, here is the new look of the . On one hand, there is a still plenty unused space on screen, but there is a nice thing, which you can check out by clicking on any link (except home of course) in Microsoft site guide. My personal opinion: looks nice, but there is no history “what I have done and how I managed to get in here”.

Tools that really help developers

Today I’ve found two nice products, which are either free today or almost free. If you have to create PDF’s from .Net code, then webSupergoo ABCpdf is very attractive component to do that. And, check out the licensing . Another GREAT tool, which is luckily free until 1st of september, and a “must have” for developer is SQL Prompt. Have you ever thought about intellisense in SQL editor?? You got it …