TechEd 2005: Few days before

I’ve arrived to Amsterdam Friday late evening and during saturday and sunday I’ve spent the time visiting cool places like van Gogh and madam Tuseud museums. I will add photos from there later, I promise. Teched starts today (no, according the SOA rules I should say 4th July 2005 to keep the message identifiable). So far, I’ve already registered and as usually in every conference I received bag fully loaded with conference stuff.

Guidance Automation Toolkit

Guidance Automation Toolkit, a quite promising VS.Net extensibility tool is “released”. I like the idea behind the tool and I liked the webcast very much. I expect that the good tools like Visual Studio 2005 with designed and enforced patterns practices will enable to deliver a better code. I like the word “enforced”, because it enables applying some parts of programming model and this way enforce quality of the solution.

Tabbed browsing in IE

Want tabbed browsing in IE, then check the updated MSN toolbar here. Personally, I don’t know which way I like more - multi-window or multi-tab way of browsing. But if You have an reason with explanation why tabbed is better (not because You like it), feel free to add comments.

Talking about Executive E-Mail: Bill Gates on the New World of Work

I was reading this executive e-mail and I must say I liked it. Some time ago we were (or should I say “we are”) building systems that were more kind of “store information and use it”. But the business is different - people are not talking about putting and retrieving the information, they want to be part of their business, solve the business problems by performing some business tasks. In such cases I am thinking about simple example of the customer service specialist (CSS), who receives an e-mail from customer about wrong invoice for example.