Lietuvos e-valdžios … (ne)”sėkmės” arba kaip lengva susimauti [LT]

Pastaba: žemiau išdėstytos mintys yra mano asmeninės ir niekaip neatspindi mano darbdavio nuomonės ar pozicijos. Paprastai rašau mintis angliškai ir paprastai į valstybines nesąmones daug dėmesio nekreipiu, bet šį kartą perskaitęs straipsnius ir apie mūsų e-valdžios portalo savybes – negaliu susilaikyti, nes tokių nesąmonių jau senokai nesu matęs. Susidaro įspūdis, kad grupelė mėgėjų susirinko ir padarė kažką … Pradžiai – ačiū žmonėms, už jų skirtą laiką ir pastangas, nes priešingu atveju šitas reikalas galėjo baigtis kur kas blogiau, o IVPK teiginiai, kad “norint pasinaudoti šia spraga būtina aukšta kompetencija” neatitinka tikrovės, nes paleisti fiddler ar kokią kitą priemonę tikrai nereikia didelių sugebėjimų.

Stuff to read [2]

MVVM instantiation approaches: Info about VS2010 with Pro Power Tools here and more for tab options here Get more info and link to download for PRISM (CAB for WPF/SL) template pack here Blend and fundamentals training (free): Some more Blend/SL trainings: Code analysis and code contracts integration – sad, but missing:

Stuff to read [1]

VS2010 Productivity Power Tools and Modeling Feature Packs available, more info here SQL Server 2008 R2 goodies (Feature Pack). Get it here Developing web services and thinking about AppFabric? In my opinion you should. See here. I mean you just develop the service and let the AppFabric (Windows) do the rest of the work (well, almost anyway) Josh Smith is probably the best person that can explain WPF with MVVM, so please read this and all related references from there.

Stuff to read [0]

Ok, here is the situation – there is a lot of stuff to read on the net, especially regarding development, so I’m planning to do some posts about the stuff I find there. Hopefully the content will serve to me as a sort of favorite history collection :) So, here it goes for today: Testability and Entity Framework 4.0: 10 reasons you should consider WPF for your next desktop application: http://www.

ASP.Net registration ends with 0x8007000B/0×80040005

I’ve been testing random stuff on my Windows 7 x64 machine. One install required .Net framework 1.1, so I quickly installed it (despite the warnings), installed required software, which by itself didn’t depended on the .Net framework version and then – uninstalled .Net framework 1.1. After performing these steps, some web services that are relying on the ASP.Net (in my case TFS Server 2010 beta) stopped working. When browsing to the web services (typical test for TFS availability) directly I got 404, which is somewhat strange, but often means ASP.

I wish …

I wish our company management would know that :) Did you knew that the biggest performance motivator for non-trivial jobs are not the money (true fact: the carrot-stick based motivation hurts performance): Autonomy Mastery Purpose [ted id=‘618’] And by the way, TED is a great place to learn about great presentation skills. Thanks to @kraupu for the link in the blog.

Windows 7: the way I want :)

Ok, Windows 7 rocks. I mean it, really. It runs smoothly on my Asus EeePC netbook smoothly. Other features like pinning programs to taskbar, home group, snapping, live taskbar preview and other make live so nice and easy. As everybody now talks about cost and value, so I want to remind all folks that there is some stuff, which is not in the box, but adds cream to the pie.

WCF WSDL in a single file

As always, there is something I need from time to time, but not frequently enough to have it close to me, so I have to search for it from time to time. I mean OK, bing is good, but still it takes some time, so I’m publishing this as a note to myself and maybe the others. One of such problems – to generate single WSDL file for WCF service. Mainly this is required if you have some interoperability issues.

How to get files associated to specified work item from TFS

Today I’ve got a question on how to get files that are associated with specific work item. The requirement behind that was to grab configuration, data and similar files that were associated to a specific change request, which was entered as a work item. After quick binging and browsing of the Team Foundation Server SDK, I’ve got the sample below. static void Main(string[] args) { using (TeamFoundationServer tfs = TeamFoundationServerFactory.GetServer(args[0], new UICredentialsProvider())) { tfs.