First day, the registration and Microsoft expo, where MVP’s could talk with the people from Microsoft about things like MSN, codezone, etc.

The next day contained general sessions for Windows Server System, Visual development and the other.

This time I decided to go to the Visual Development sessions instead of taking Windows Server System track.

The general track was of three parts: Soma talked about Visual Studio .Net 2005 and a little bit of insight into the future versions. Later Don Box did a presentation using WWF, WCF and WPF… Yes, thats true, instead of using PPT slides, he did it using the app . I must say, he is amazing presenter…

After the official presentations there was a possibility to talk with the people who are actually responsible for the technologies like ASP.Net, Atlas, WxF, etc. to get some insight about strategies, how the things work, etc.

The third day was a day of BizTalk - lots of talk about BizTalk 2006, the new features, improvements. Those were presented by the program managers responsible for them.

In addition to that, ideas for “the version after” were also presented by Eddie Churchill. Some of them You can see on Channel 9. So a lot of input from product team and definitelly - they have got some feedback.