First the flight:

2 hours Vilnius - Amsterdam and after that 9 hours Amsterdam - Seattle.

I was very tired after the flight and had a strong headache.


They were asking serious and fun questions like:

  • Do You have a business card?
  • Where do You go?
  • What is MVP?
  • Is this a conference or seminar? (Hmmm … neither, it’s a summit)

The interesting part was when I passed by the last checkpoint where the customs people were checking if anyone brings something like insects, reptiles, etc. I just want to remind that I was very tired and almost seen the stars flying around me and suddenly … as I was passing by two guys in uniforms:

The guy from my left starts speaking japanese (I don’t think I look even close like that). I was shocked . While I was trying to understand what is happening, the guy on the right side started barble someting in spanish (or should I say Spanglish). Commooon … that was too much for me and I just said:

“Sorry, I don’t speak spanish. And the previous question was in Japanese, but I don’t speak it either, though I have recognized the language itself.”

I wanted to say something more, but the guy on the left said smiling: “You can go now”

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I have recovered after taking the shower in the hotel (it’s in the downtown) and went to look around. I’ve tryed the “Double cheeseburger American way” (damn, it’s twice bigger than the “Big Mac”), Starbucks, went to park outside downtown and took some pictures.

It’s kind of fun passing by Offices of RealNetworks or Cisco ..