Gary Sherman : Technology will not create a customer-centric organization


That was probably the easiest to understand blog-post around relation between business and technology. No technology can make business successful, if the businesses screw the business all the time.

What technology can do is empower/enable businesses to do their best. Sounds somewhat Microsoft-like I guess 🙂

Gary Sherman : Technology will not create a customer-centric organization

CardSpace and Live ID

Today I have noticed on MSDN blogs that Live ID has added beta support for CardSpace.

At the moment Live ID supports self-issued cards. And it is really cool to login using card instead of typing the password, but there is one "but".

You can sign in either using the login page or from the sites that support "the kind" of login screen. Otherwise (if you try to log on, you will need to log in using standard e-mail/password combination.

Ahh, one more thing. It is BETA.

Tafiti – new kind of the same search

Ok, there are various searches you can find in the wild Google, Yahoo, Live or even something like Ms. Dewey.

Now there is one new thing – Tafiti. It is built around Live search, but adds some more interactivity like visual selection of content type (web pages, images or feeds) or tree results, where you can filter the results by relevancy.

Also, saving search result/link right there in the browser is very cool.

And one more thing: it requires Silverlight.


I "felt"  that something has changed in my MCP profile. I went to check it out and found new item in my list:
  • MCTS – Microsoft Team Foundation Server: Configuration and Development

This is a result of taking Beta exam in February this year.