Ok, Windows 7 rocks. I mean it, really. It runs smoothly on my Asus EeePC netbook smoothly. Other features like pinning programs to taskbar, home group, snapping, live taskbar preview and other make live so nice and easy.

As everybody now talks about cost and value, so I want to remind all folks that there is some stuff, which is not in the box, but adds cream to the pie.

Many of us can run Windows without any antivirus and still have no fear of being infected by malicious software, but … if you want to have antivirus on your machine, it is pretty easy to have one. You can choose any provider you want, but I choose the one that has created OS. Yes, you can have free antimalware solution from Microsoft: Microsoft Security Essentials.

Now if you have Canon HD camcorder like me, then you probably don’t need to look for codecs and software to view the movies anymore, because windows supports AVCHD format out of the box. But, if you want to edit movies to create home video, add photographs, create panorama pictures from the photographs you have taken, there is one more free toolset available: Windows Live Essentials. With the new movie maker you can easily create home movies from the HD source, save them as HD quality WMV and watch them either using Windows Media Center functionality or, if you’re even more lucky, directly by using “Play To” feature from Windows. Windows Live Essentials contains even more tools like messenger, mail or Windows Live Writer, which I’m using now to post this blog post.

I know, it sounds a bit like a marketing, but it is so much simpler now for me to do these basic things at home so I just wanted to share.

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