Ok, the sessions have started.
First one was pretty nice in terms of visually explaining “fault tolerance” and “mission critical systems”.
I especially liked the moment when one hammered the switch . What a nice big hammer
Later on, first architecture session about the DSL and GAT. Most important thing is that both are available for download already now (betas for the beta):
Later, Scott Woodgate was talking about when to use what. The main idea can be simply expressed with this image.
After, I’ve been on the architecture track or “5 pillars of connected systems”. Suggested things to consider when working with the connected systems (or integration):
  • Identity and access
  • Data
  • Interaction
  • Messaging
  • Workflow

All these different aspects can be analysed for connectednes. Somehow I thought about application of the same rules of schemas, policies, contracts between Identity, Data, Interaction and Workflow the same way as for messaging.

I think, I will have to add more comments on this specific subject.

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