I hope everyone had a great time yesterday during the Microsoft Partner Conference and enjoyed all the sessions you’ve attended and all the opportunities to talk to each other.

As I was giving a presentation on Windows Server AppFabric (not the cloudy one) to the developers. 45 minutes – is too small period of time to cover all the features and usage patterns good enough, so I have tried to bring the main ideas so that you can look after them later.

As a follow up, I’ve decided to put a list of reference materials available on the web so you can read those at your pace in comfort of whatever environment you like Smile

Windows Server AppFabric:

Other things I’ve mentioned during the presentation:

Yesterday, I’ve heard some comments that AppFabric is a complex beast and I must agree that it’s true in some way, but taking the other angle – it takes a lot of concerns regarding persistence, correlation, monitoring (incl. via SCOM) diagnostics, scalability, caching, management, tracking from developers head and makes it almost “out-of-the-box experience”. And from personal experience I know that developers like to talk about implementing business features, but hate even to think about “diagnostics” or “management”.

So, to sum up: consider Windows Server AppFabric as an “application server” that certainly requires attention and effort in understanding, setting up and configuration, but in return in can give a lot of “infrastructure” services like scale-out, persistence, management, monitoring, diagnostics, etc. for your services.