I bought recently 3TB WD drive. You may know that drives over 2.19TB are not supported in Windows XP/2003 systems due to the lack of GPT support. Windows Home Server of course doesn’t work with drives more than 2TB size, but there are some workarounds.

First, you will need a driver for HBA that comes with WD drive. I found that it is HighPoint Rocket 620 and you can find Windows XP/2003 drivers here.

So, after you will connect drive, install drivers, you should see 3TB drive in the disk manager. The rest is fairly simple, just follow the following posts:



For now, I’m running WHS v1.0 with 3TB drives with Drive Extender (didn’t needed to upgrade to 2011) nicely.

A little note: if Hitachi GPT Disk Manager doesn’t want to work with your disk, this isn’t a problem. It still installs GPT driver, so you can use disk manager to create GPT partition.