While continuing to play with SCOM 2007 R2 on the MOC environment, I moved to install SCOM Reporting Services on the SQL box. I’ve previously configured SSRS itself without any issues – all points were green.

Still, just after specifying SSRS instance, but before setting Data Warehouse (DW) Write Account – wizard was failing, complaining about not being to setup SSL/TLS connection. The problem with that one was that I didn’t had any SSL setup on the web server, which was totally confusing.

Binging the problem around I found one hint – the 443 port. After disabling that one by going to IIS Manager –> Default Site / Properties / Web site tab and clearing the 443 port from binding, everything was OK.

P.S. you shouldn’t grant any more permissions for Network Service account to .Net Framework directory – really bad idea Smile

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