Today I’ve been playing with BizTalk 2006 remote scenarios and of course ran into MSDTC configuration issues.
I have BizTalk administration utilities installed on my PC, and BizTalk with the SQL Server was running on the Virtual Server.
When I was trying to expand applications container (on the client machine) I was getting message like:
"Error during policies enumeration. Check if your MSDTC settings for remote network clients are set up properly.".
So, I started to check everything step-by-step:
a) Ensure that MSDTC network access is allowed on all machines (client, BizTalk, SQL if any).
Check the chapter: "To configure the BizTalk Server 2004 computer"
b) Turn off RPC security

After going through all of this, administration console was still throwing these messages at me.
I ran the test, but it was teeling that either firewall is not open (I didn’t had any) … the usual stuff.
After a while I have tryed change the MSDTC configuration and instead of using local MSDTC, I have changed to the BizTalk Server. After this, DTCTester lost any connection to the MSDTC.
After a little research I found the problem. It was the TCP/IP or to be more exact WINS configuration.

c) Enable NetBIOS on your network adapter (usually I keep it disabled). Take the following steps:
  • Open Properties for the network adapter
  • TCP/IP Properties
  • Advanced and select WINS Tab
  • Ensure that the "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" is selected

After enabling this setting MSDTC problems dissapeared.

Though, other problems started showing up.

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