I bought Kindle DX and Kindle 2 February this year (2010). The only way I could purchase and download the books, was to do it through computer. Though it was OK, still it was suboptimal. Last week I’ve requested some information from our local GSM operators regarding the situation with Amazon.com & Kindle 3G (see special blog post).

This week some strange things started to happen:

  • First, a friend of mine reported that @AmazonKindle claims that 3G is working in Lithuania
  • In fact, if you go now (2010.08.03 00:00+0300 Smile) and view country specific information for Lithuania – it sais:


However, on the GSM map – the situation is following:


As you can see – Lithuania is purely white, which means – no coverage. At the same time my Kindle DX doesn’t find any network.

So, dear Amazon, please verify the information before publishing it and please – work with AT&T and local operators (it seems that Bite will be the one providing service) to make the service available.

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