Ok, I am running a Vista for a while. And just bought a Vista for my home PC, which is usually used by my wife.
If someone asks me if I like it, my answer is yes I do.
I am running Toshiba M4 laptop with 2Gig RAM, fast 80 Gig disk with nVidia Quadro NVS 110M video card. My personal experience is that Vista runs a bit faster under the same conditions. Why?
I can only make some guess:
  • I have set up the ReadyBoost using SD card
  • 2 gigs RAM is used quite effectivelly using Prefetch

I am running Visual Studio 2005, Office on my computer and they are working normally. I enjoy some new stuff like search in the start menu, Windows DVD maker, search folders, IE protected mode and some other things and I like them.

But is it really a "wow"? Can’t say exactly. I would say Yes and No. Yes, there are great security improvements with IE protected mode, bitlocker and performance features like prefetch and readyboost. This is "useful" for me, because I understand it and can put it to use.

When I see, how my wife is using computer – I really doubt that she would say "Wow", because even the Win-TAB does not impress her (just another toy, as she would say). And she doesn’t get the idea of tags so far either.

So, where did we end up? Yes, Vista is obviously a quality and security leap forward (but don’t forget that security makes things harder to use) and the security is a thing that will most probably attract businesses to deploy Vista. There are some other features that may be adapted over time, but definitelly it will not happen instantly.

B.T.W. If you have Vista, have you tried the "Windows Meeting Space"? Does it looks good? Did you knew that almost the same stuff could be done withe NetMeeting?  Have you ever tried to use (I mean seriously put to the use) NetMeeting?

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