This week we had a local user group meeting, where I was giving a presentation about BizTalk development and deployment automation. The main idea for the presentation was that there are a lot of options to do the automation. As a sample cases I took these two scenarios:

  • Automating BizTalk solution build using MSBuild
  • Automating BizTalk deployment using PowerShell

I have uploaded my presentation and sample scripts to SkyDrive. In the zip file you will find presentation and sample scripts:

  • MSBuild script that builds sample solution, deploys it to BizTalk, starts app, etc.
  • Sample PowerShell script that gives some short overview what is PowerShell
  • Sample PowerShell script that uses BtsCatalogExplorer to list applications
  • Sample PowerShell script that allows to start/stop/restart host instances (thanks to Tomas Restrepo)

Download zip file from here.

What is interesting also that another speaker (Gediminas) was doing presentation regarding BizTalk operations automation using stuff from Microsoft.BizTalk.Operations namespace. He was doing a sample code using Visual Studio, but the same code looks very nice in PowerShell. After presentation he posted (check out here) code sample for resuming orchestration instances both in C# and PowerShell.

I can only guess what he is using now for the instance resume 🙂

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