I’ve been testing random stuff on my Windows 7 x64 machine. One install required .Net framework 1.1, so I quickly installed it (despite the warnings), installed required software, which by itself didn’t depended on the .Net framework version and then – uninstalled .Net framework 1.1.

After performing these steps, some web services that are relying on the ASP.Net (in my case TFS Server 2010 beta) stopped working. When browsing to the web services (typical test for TFS availability) directly I got 404, which is somewhat strange, but often means ASP.Net registration problem.

I’ve tried to run aspnet_regiis –i –enable, but got back 0x800700B message in the UI and 0x8004005 in the console. After binging for a while I found couple articles, but none related to this particular case, because I was dealing with the correct .Net framework version installed (comes as a part of OS).

Still I went to check Windows features installed and saw this nice view:


As you can see, ASP.Net was unchecked and as the result I was getting the error. Enabling ASP.Net there fixed the issue and services got back to normal.

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