Certified Code Churning Professional

I liked the new sort of a "Certified Code Churning Professional" "certification"  mentioned in Neno’s blog.
There are two fun things. First – the image itself (you can find it in the Neno’s blog).

Second thing is a short form of the certification: "Certified Code Churning Professional" becomes "CCCP". Those who know/read russian language will get the point .

My thoughts on “Zero touch” or “HREF to EXE” deployment

I haven’t been blogging for a while, but some posts reminded to me that I have my own blog.
Lately, I’ve seen the blog post "Zero Touch" or "HREF to EXE" apps broken by FX 2.0" and there a link to the coresponding product feedback here.
When reading, my first thought was: "it really sucks badly". I think mostly my first impressions were caused by the fact that I was showing the ability to launch exe’s from a web page, which is totally nice.
But the last post and feedback site caused me thinking. I remembered the discussion with one student that was kind of "afraid" to see that programs from internet are launched without any question or warning.
Though, in general it is pretty secure, as security is managed by .Net framework, CAS policies, but still – people are not familiar with that, they do not trust (which is somewhat good) and most of them are used to … "Open/Save/Cancel" dialog.
So, on one side it is good to have single behavior, rather than one type of behavior in trusted zone and another – in internet. On another side we have users that are somewhat stagnated, afraid of unknown.
There is one additional thing. When you launch an exe from href (which can be internet/intranet), then permission set will be stricter (Internet permission set) than in the case if you download it and put on a hard disk (FullTrust).
My only thought in this case: what is important here?
In my oppinion, it is important to have secure, consistant and user friendly system of applications that are running on the net. With "user friendly" I do not mean the addiction to the past.
What is my vote? I don’t know. In general – I’m good with both ways.

The VS.Net 2005, SQL 2005 and BizTalk 2006 launch … Rocked

On 10th of November we had a new product line launch. There was a bunch of presenters (including me of course) and a lot of slides and demos about the Visual Studio .Net 2005 (including the Team system), SQL Server 2005 and a bit about the BizTalk Server 2006.
My presentation for the professional was the last one, but covering all the product line.
There were some questions during the presentation. I will try to post them here by adding the Q/A pairs to this message.
Q: Why MS is using something other than UML for the Logical Data Center, Application and Deployment diagrams
A: I think the best answer to find is on the Keith Short blog here. Speaking shortly, one (UML) is the document, while another (DSL) is the tool.
Q: Can be SQL XML data types compared
A: Nope, this is a limitation

I hope to publish more Q/A’s later, when I will remember the questions . Or, You can remind me here.

Global MVP Summit: USA, Seattle WA – Day 4

The last day I was participating in discussion with BPI User Education team. It was really good to hear that people are listening to the complains and are improving the documentation. Also, we have discussed other possibilities to improve the user experience in order to make it easier to find the necessary resources and learn.
Not everything went smoothly this day. It appeared that the lady at the checkin mixed the return tickets of me and my collegue, so I had to go to the hotel early.
Now, I will wait for a flight tomorrow afternoon. By the way, I’ve heard that SAS has a WiFi onboard, which is really cool and sadly, but I am not flying SAS.

Global MVP Summit: USA, Seattle WA – Days 1,2 and 3

First day, the registration and Microsoft expo, where MVP’s could talk with the people from Microsoft about things like MSN, codezone, etc.
The next day contained general sessions for Windows Server System, Visual development and the other.
This time I decided to go to the Visual Development sessions instead of taking Windows Server System track.
The general track was of three parts: Soma talked about Visual Studio .Net 2005 and a little bit of insight into the future versions. Later Don Box did a presentation using WWF, WCF and WPF… Yes, thats true, instead of using PPT slides, he did it using the app . I must say, he is amazing presenter…
After the official presentations there was a possibility to talk with the people who are actually responsible for the technologies like ASP.Net, Atlas, WxF, etc. to get some insight about strategies, how the things work, etc.
The third day was a day of BizTalk – lots of talk about BizTalk 2006, the new features, improvements. Those were presented by the program managers responsible for them.
In addition to that, ideas for “the version after” were also presented by Eddie Churchill. Some of them You can see on Channel 9. So a lot of input from product team and definitelly – they have got some feedback.

Global MVP Summit: USA, Seattle WA – Day 0

First the flight:
2 hours Vilnius – Amsterdam and after that 9 hours Amsterdam – Seattle.
I was very tired after the flight and had a strong headache.
They were asking serious and fun questions like:
  • Do You have a business card?
  • Where do You go?
  • What is MVP?
  • Is this a conference or seminar? (Hmmm … neither, it’s a summit)

The interesting part was when I passed by the last checkpoint where the customs people were checking if anyone brings something like insects, reptiles, etc. I just want to remind that I was very tired and almost seen the stars flying around me and suddenly … as I was passing by two guys in uniforms:

The guy from my left starts speaking japanese (I don’t think I look even close like that). I was shocked . While I was trying to understand what is happening, the guy on the right side started barble someting in spanish (or should I say Spanglish). Commooon … that was too much for me and I just said:

“Sorry, I don’t speak spanish. And the previous question was in Japanese, but I don’t speak it either, though I have recognized the language itself.”

I wanted to say something more, but the guy on the left said smiling: “You can go now”

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I have recovered after taking the shower in the hotel (it’s in the downtown) and went to look around. I’ve tryed the “Double cheeseburger American way” (damn, it’s twice bigger than the “Big Mac”), Starbucks, went to park outside downtown and took some pictures.

It’s kind of fun passing by Offices of RealNetworks or Cisco ..

More on WWF

MSDN site opens part dedicated for the WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation). There You can get some bits, read about relation to the other workflow related products (like BizTalk).
Isn’t it too much stuff for one PDC?  I mean Atlas, WWF and the rest of the stuff.

More interactive ASP.Net pages?

Check out Atlas … In general, it is not new (remmember AJAX?), but looks nice.
With Atlas You can easily call web services (withoug posting back page itself), implement databinding, have a nice dynamic controls.