Interpersonal skills

If you are consultant like me, then it is very important to understand "magic" of communication.
I found one nice place to read about interpersonal skills:
What I would like to stress is one topic: LISTEN
For myself I noted that often I think that I understood the problem and start talking (yeap, the next day I understand how I …) about my understanding, which is sometimes absolutely wrong.
The general idea is – if you listen, then you probably may hear something beyond just facts. You may hear frustration, uncertainty, fear, questions, etc. These things are often related to what is called "Emotional Intelligence" or EQ. Being a good consultant requires you to balance well between IQ (our subject competence) and EQ (our ability to hear, understand and feel).
Thinking about the same subject with Aikido in mind – the ability to listen translates to feel and be able to adjust.
Not only patterns of the movements are important, but also the behaviour and stance of the partner you are practicing with.
If you don’t "listen" to a partner, who moves slower than you want to perform the technique, then probably you’re trying to drag, push, etc.
And even if you would be doing that technically correct from the angles and stance position, the result will be far from what it is supposed to be.

Windows Home Server Rocks!!!

Yes, I have bought WHS and installed it myself on a PC I have used during the beta testing period. And finally, WHS did what is supposed to do. Helped me to recover the broken computer.

The story short:

  • One day WHS icon popped up with yellow message like "your wife’s computer wasn’t backed up for couple of days".
  • Single click deeper revealed message like "unable to read disk C".
  • chkdsk /r /f (check disk command line option, by the way, suggested by the WHS) reveals quite a bunch of bad blocks
  • Tried to backup once more, no luck … some more bad blocks come in 🙁
  • Next day I bought in the local shop new disk for her laptop (a bit bigger of course), replaced and booted from WHS computer recovery CD
  • Few answers to questions: the language settings, WHS password, the computer to restore
  • Selected last successful backup to restore
  • Waited for ~40minutes (could be a bit faster, but the another computer started backup in the evening or … night … well, you know)
  • Restart and …
  • Like it hasn’t been broken

Hopefully, I will not need to repeat the procedure with any of the home computers soon, but … IT WORKED, when the things went wrong 😀

And of course, there is always a little downside to the story: I had to reactivate Windows – you know, the hard disk has been changed. I had to use the phone version, because online activation didn’t worked. And funny thing, the automated IVR system said that it’s the key for Windows XP, while actually it was Windows Vista Home Premium 🙂

Gary Sherman : Technology will not create a customer-centric organization


That was probably the easiest to understand blog-post around relation between business and technology. No technology can make business successful, if the businesses screw the business all the time.

What technology can do is empower/enable businesses to do their best. Sounds somewhat Microsoft-like I guess 🙂

Gary Sherman : Technology will not create a customer-centric organization

CardSpace and Live ID

Today I have noticed on MSDN blogs that Live ID has added beta support for CardSpace.

At the moment Live ID supports self-issued cards. And it is really cool to login using card instead of typing the password, but there is one "but".

You can sign in either using the login page or from the sites that support "the kind" of login screen. Otherwise (if you try to log on, you will need to log in using standard e-mail/password combination.

Ahh, one more thing. It is BETA.

Tafiti – new kind of the same search

Ok, there are various searches you can find in the wild Google, Yahoo, Live or even something like Ms. Dewey.

Now there is one new thing – Tafiti. It is built around Live search, but adds some more interactivity like visual selection of content type (web pages, images or feeds) or tree results, where you can filter the results by relevancy.

Also, saving search result/link right there in the browser is very cool.

And one more thing: it requires Silverlight.